About FingerWorks Art

           Each image is a

             one-of-a-kind             visual statement

Each finished art piece begins with a photo of two hands or more, lovingly held, that are then individually crafted using state-of-the-art digital technology.  

About FingerWorks

The road to FingerWorks

After retiring from my profession as a Social Worker, I volunteered as a hospice visitor.  It was a tremendously rewarding experience as well as a fortuitous opportunity to further explore my passion for art.  I noticed how ubiquitous hands were, in the course of my visits.


Holding a patient's hands.  The patient grasping an item, which at times, was a struggle for failing bodies.  Helping hands of the nurses and assistants tended to the physical needs of the patients in addition to providing warm recognition and ongoing validation.


So, I found hands to be remarkable, not only as an extremely functional part of our collective anatomy but in our most basic social human interactions. 


I began focusing my attention on producing art to bring awareness to and share this wondrous form--our human hand... which, after all, connects hearts and not just people.   


I saw the intrigue and mysterious quality inherent in hands, which I present in the form of abstract hand imagery--where there are powerful shapes, bold directionality, precise movement, and dreamy formations of what appears to be visual Rorschach-like interpretations from our own mind.  This became The FingerWorks Collection.



The road to The FingerWorks Collection has been paved in this website. Now you and someone you hold dearly not only in your heart but in your hand can be held for eternity in the form of a unique work of art.

Enjoy your journey!